German Shepherds rescued in Georgia find home in Marathon County

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MARATHON COUNTY (WAOW) — Hundreds of German Shepherds were rescued from a suspected puppy mill in Georgia, and Crossroads K9 Rescue in Mosinee helped 9 of them make Marathon County their home.

The Atlanta Humane Society and partnering organizations placed calls to rescues around the nation, and it was Crossroad’s expertise with German Shepherds that made it a perfect fit.

“I’ve always been a Shepherd person, I’ve had a Shepherd since I was 2 months old”, said Sean Dumais, Director of Training for Crossroads K9 Rescue.

The dogs were kept in horrible conditions at the puppy mill, a sight Dumais won’t soon forget.

“We got them directly out of the pens at the mill. It was just basically a big cesspool of feces and mud, and disgusting conditions there. Really nasty smelling and horrible”, said Dumais.

Accounts from rescuers on site claim the igloos for the dogs were submerged in water, with no dry spots for the Shepherds to stand.

The process to retrieve the dogs from Georgia started with a call on Saturday. Dumais left on Sunday, and was back in town last night. Dumais stayed awake for 60 hours straight to ensure the Shepherds arrived safe and timely.

Patti Stank, a member of the R.A.D., Resuce Adopt Donate, was out shopping for supplies the afternoon before the dogs’ arrival. Although she’s not going to be fostering any of the Shepherds, she’s more than willing to do her part.

“Were just answering the call for support and help, and items that will be need in the rescue today”, said Patti.

Her passion is something that she can’t help, and it drives her to contribute.

“My passion is animals. They have no voice, so they have no choice. They need people like myself, and those I work with, to rally around them and help them when they’re in need,” said Stank.

The dogs were met with love, support, and a fresh bath, along with an eager group of volunteers and fosters willing to take them in. Two of the arriving dogs were even carrying some special cargo of their own.

“Two of the pups are pregnant. So there’s going to be some long-term care needed and forever homes.” said Stank.

The last stop was in Kronenwetter at Paw Health. The facility was able to stay open late to ensure the Shepherds could get proper medical treatment.

If you would like to donate to the dogs healthcare directly, contact Paw Health in Kronenwetter here.

If you are interest in donating time or money to Crossroads K9 Rescue, visit there website here.

Some of the rescues are available to be adopted to forever homes.


Chase McNamara

Chase McNamara

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