Local dad delivers baby girl in Brookfield parking lot

When the crew at our sister station, WISN, got this email from Jason Brunk, theye could hardly believe it.

Just delivered my baby girl in parking lot of Country Inn in Brookfield about 2 hours ago,” he wrote, “If you need a happy story. We are at West Allis Memorial. – Shaky but Happy Dad”

So they gave him a call, and his story was truly unbelievable. He told WISN his wife’s contractions started late last night, but when it was time to head to the hospital, they didn’t get far from home.

“As we were going down Calhoun and Greenfield in Brookfield, all of a sudden, my wife says ‘my water broke,’ so I called 9-1-1. That was at 10:43 p.m. At 10:49, I was delivering a baby in the front seat of my car,” Brunk said.

You read that right; just six minutes after pulling into the parking lot at the County Inn Hotel on South Moorland Road, little Layla came into the world, at 6.8 lbs and 20 inches long.

The ambulance appeared a minute later.

The proud father says the Waukesha County dispatcher on the other end of the line kept him focused during the ordeal.

“She started screaming, ‘I can feel it coming’ and I kind of went into a minimal panic mode,” he said,”The gentlemen who was on 9-1-1 actually kept me calm and started leading me through it.”

Brunk says mom and baby are doing well, and that he and his wife can’t stop laughing at how this all transpired.

Chris Watkins

Chris Watkins

Social Media & Digital Content Manager

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