$5K in toys stolen from Kenny Clark’s mother’s house

Kenny Clark confirmed today that more than $5,000 worth of toys were stolen from his mother’s house in California this week.

Clark and his family had raised money and bought the toys that were to be handed out to about 300 people.

“We don’t know if it’s somebody that knows what’s going on and doing something that’s just mean or cruel, or it’s just a random person just taking toys or taking whatever that was in there,” Clark said Thursday.

The toy distribution will still happen today, as scheduled, thanks to some last minute donations.

“A lot of people have stepped up,” Clark said. “I know they created a GoFundMe account and people have been donating to that, just to get some of the toys back for the kids. All that stuff has been pretty cool. There’s been a lot of people have been hitting us up and trying to do the best they can to help.”

“It’s just messed up, man,” Clark said. “It’s messed up, man. It’s for a bunch of kids, man. It’s difficult, especially for my family and my mom. My mom, she works hard to do it. It’s really difficult for her because she worked so hard throughout the whole year putting it together. It’s a messed-up situation.”



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