Central Wisconsin Golf Card: Trout Lake Golf Club

Trout Lake Golf Club is a beautiful course situated on the Trout River.

It’s been around for nearly a century now.

But even after all these years, they keep working to make their course better.

"Golfers are always looking at new stuff. Although we’re going to keep the tradition of Trout Lake, being that we were opened in 1924, we’re still trying to improve and build upon that," said Mike Osborne, head golf pro.

On the picturesque 18th hole, one of their signatures, they’ve recently added a new teebox.

"This particular teebox brings it back another 25 yards, which will increase, and we gotta carry the river 150 instead of 125, which is intimidating when the amateurs are up here looking over water," Osborne said.

Their other signature is the par 3 12th hole.  That hole remains largely unchanged.

Unchanged, but tough as always.

"This particular hole, we have two big bunkers that are guarding the front. If you miss the hole to the right, it’s going to bounce off and go over towards the woods. And of course, you never want to be long at Trout Lake, because long is always trouble," he said.

For more information, visit https://www.troutlakegolf.com/.



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