Record snowfall totals weighing down on roofs

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Central Wisconsin (WAOW) — After weeks of snowfall in central Wisconsin, its time to turn attention to the accumulating totals on top of roofs. The snow totals in the Wausau area have reached 35 inches in the month of February.

Doing the job of clearing it off yourself can be dangerous and should be done with caution. The government agency, Federal Emergency Management Agency, has guidelines for clearing off your roof to make sure damage to the integrity isn’t compromised.

FEMA recommends leaving at least two inches on the roof, this prevents damage the covering that can cause leaks. Its important to avoid your sharp tools and snowblowers while clearing the house, these tools can also cause damage.

Start the removal by clearings large drifts first, followed by the center of the roof, and then move outward. Every roof has specific capacity it can hold so make sure to be aware.

If you are unable to climb atop the roof for safety purposes there are alternatives, such as roof rakes. The rakes can be purchased at local retailers, but most stores in town have sold out.

“We’ve actually had a couple customers come in and say they already have stuff going on with their roofs. It’s starting to make noises, or it’s caving, or it’s leaking in some severe cases. But some customers are worried, a lot of them are starting to get worried now because it just keeps coming,” said Zach Valk, of Ace Hardware.

There are also specific companies locally to perform the service.

If waiting is a possibility, the Ace Hardware in Weston says they should have more roof rakes by Friday. 

Chase McNamara

Chase McNamara

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