Number of bald eagle nests in Wisconsin reaches new high

Wisconsin’s bald eagle population is soaring, according to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.

Nest surveys done in 2018 revealed a record number of nests statewide, and Walworth County confirmed its first documented nest in at least a half century, according to results released in the 2018 Wisconsin Bald Eagle Nest Survey.

The 2018 surveys found a total of 1,695 bald eagle nests occupied by breeding adults, an increase of 105 nests from 2017, according to the DNR.

“2018 was another great year for the bald eagles’ remarkable comeback in Wisconsin,” says Laura Jaskiewicz, the Department of Natural Resources research scientist who coordinates the statewide aerial survey effort. “The number of nests is still increasing throughout the state and we now have them documented in 71 of 72 counties.”

Milwaukee County remains the lone county in the state without a known active eagle nest, the DNR said.

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Chris Watkins

Chris Watkins

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