Liberal groups file lawsuit to overturn measures in lame duck session

WAUSAU (WAOW) – Liberal groups are fighting back to overturn measures that came out of the lame duck session. They are going to court in hopes a judge will toss those rules.

The lawsuit filed on Thursday had multiple groups signing off on it, including The League of Women Voters of Wisconsin, Disability Rights Wisconsin and Black Leaders Organizing for Communities.

They all said the new laws should be voided because lawmakers illegally held a session to take up the bills made by republicans.

The 34 page lawsuit is aimed to help Gov. Evers get out from under the laws passed in the lame duck session.

“The lame duck session I think was a mistake and I think it persuades us to put us in a weird place at the beginning of our administration,” Evers said on Thursday.

However, the plaintiffs said they had to file against the new governor because they believe he is charged with carrying out the laws.

“We don’t know if it is very representative because with these bills and how they were created and released we didn’t really get any time for thoughtful consideration or debate or public input,” said Erin Grunze the executive director of League of Women Voters.

“The lame duck session was unlawful and the actions taken are without legal force,” the lawsuit said.

“I think the courts are going to rule it is without merit,” said Kevin Hermening the chairperson of Marathon Co. Republican Party. “The lawsuits are that the legislature does have the right to set it’s own rules to pass legislation the governor is able to pass bills in to law.”

The League of Women Voters said one of the measures passed in the session includes a law that restricts Wisconsinites from acting on their voter rights by limiting early voting.

“We want the court to review this process and what it means for a democracy and how it operates, and that’s why we decided to join the suit because we need these things to be brought to light,” said Grunze. “We need a ruling to decide if these things were constitutional and we think they were not.”

The lawsuit also said “The legislature lacked legal authority to convene the December 2018 extraordinary session.”

It is unclear when any action could be taken on the lawsuit.



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