Area company trying to bring in hundreds of new employees throughout Wisconsin

SCHOFIELD (WAOW)-  Over the past couple of months reports show that there have been a significant increase in worker shortages but one area company is trying to bring in 500 new employees throughout the state.

As unemployment continues to dwindle in the badger state businesses like Pick and Save are eager for more workers.

“It’s an economy that has low unemployment and certainly anything that we can add to our 106 stores in terms of people we will continue to help bring that unemployment down and we will play a small role in that,” said James Hyland Vice President of Communications for Roundy’s Supermarkets the parent company of Krogar which owns Pick and Save.

Hyland said these positions that are open will lead into the holiday season but will be permanent positions for employees. “We want them to stay with us,” he said.

On Saturday all 106 supermarkets in Wisconsin held open interviews for anyone to join their company.

Hyland said he just wants applicants to come in with a great attitude and the company will teach them the rest.

Hyland said all you have to do is pick up an application at any one of the stores.

Krogar is not the only place hiring many retailers and businesses throughout central Wisconsin are looking to expand it’s workforce especially for the holidays.



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