Proposed state study could lead to mileage tracking devices in cars

MADISON (WKOW) — Lawmakers in the Republican-controlled budget committee passed a transportation proposal this week to invest millions toward a study that could lead to implementing tolls or installing tracking devices to track how far people drive their cars.

The $2.5 million included in the budget now before the state Senate and Assembly would pay for a study looking into the new fees to help finance transportation projects.

The proposal also includes a provision that once the study is completed, the Joint Finance Committee could adopt whichever plan it chooses, without it going before the full legislature or the governor.

Some groups, however, question whether the provision is constitutional.

During taping Friday for this week’s Capital City Sunday, Analiese Eicher of One Wisconsin Now and Bill McCoshen and Capitol Consultants discussed the prospects of the proposal making it all the way to Gov. Evers’ desk.

Sam Brink

Sam Brink

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