Portage Co. votes on wheel tax

STEVENS POINT (WAOW) — The proposed wheel tax for Portage Co. residents have been a topic of discussion for quite a while now.

But on Tuesday the county board finally agreed on the $25 vehicle registration free for every Portage Co. resident starting next spring.

However, Tuesday night’s decision did not come easy as many sides of the forum were heard.

“It has to deal with how much we spend on improving and maintaining our roads it’s not about how many semi trucks go through the roads,” said Nathan Check of the Portage Co. Highway Commission.

Check was advocating for the wheel tax, where as some residents not so much.

One resident took to the podium to state that it is unfair to make a decision that would impact so many residents without having everyone’s voices heard.

“What I like to see on that wheel tax issue is put it on the voting ballot this spring and let people of Portage Co. decide,” said the resident.

The wheel tax would bring in $1.4 million per year to fix the roads which would cut the current $3 million deficit in half.

One board member spoke out against the approval.

“It is time we hold our state politicians accountable for what they are required to do,” said the board member. “It’s gotten so easy for our state legislation to say we aren’t going to raise taxes we can get elected.”

The board member went on to say that this wheel tax would cost an average family with teenagers that drive more than a $100 a year.

The wheel tax goes into affect on March 1st and is supposed to last until 20-24.

It will be reviewed again in yearly budget meetings.



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