New record for absentee ballots midterm election set

MADISON, Wis. (WAOW) — There is a new record for midterm election absentee ballots cast in Wisconsin.

Over 547,000 absentee votes have been cast for Tuesday’s midterm in the Badger State, according to a press release issued by the Wisconsin Elections Commission.

The new mark shatters the previous record set in 2014, per the release. That year, 374,294 absentee ballots out of 2.42 million votes were tallied.

“Absentee voting has been very strong this fall, but still trails the overall record absentee ballots set for the 2016 Presidential and General Election,” said Meagan Wolfe, Wisconsin’s chief elections official.  “We do not know yet whether record absentee voting for a midterm will mean higher than normal turnout for this election.”

Absentee ballots were not required to be tracked by clerks prior to the 2016 general election, where 819,000 of the 2.99 million ballots, or 27 percent, were absentee.

Wolfe added that more than two-thirds of absentee ballots are cast in the clerk’s office or a satellite voting location.

Any voter with an absentee ballot who has not yet mailed it should make arrangements to have the ballot delivered to their polling place or the municipal clerk’s office by Tuesday, Wolfe said.

Voters who have cast an absentee ballot can track it on the MyVote Wisconsin website:

Chris Watkins

Chris Watkins

Social Media & Digital Content Manager

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