Evers stops in Wausau expressing his frustrations over lame-duck session

WAUSAU( WAOW) – Gov. elect Tony Evers slammed Wisconsin lawmakers on Monday after a last minute push to pass several proposals.

Evers made a stop in Wausau Monday morning to express his frustrations.

Republican lawmakers looked to take up several different issues before Evers takes over as governor.

In the proposals were some crucial changes to voting for upcoming elections along with the power of the governor and attorney general.

“The individuals in this special package really go a long a way to mitigate and negate the will of the 2.6 million people that voted in the last election,” Evers said.

Republicans are looking to limit early voting which about half a million people did in Wisconsin this year for the November elections.

“My view of voting is that it should be as easy as possible and I applauded the fact that we were able to have such a great early vote this last election,” Evers said.

However republicans said they couldn’t disagree more. Some said there are benefits to shortening early voting.

“I have never been a big fan of early voting ever I think it provides a lot of opportunity for corruption and I think this is a good legislation that should pass and become law regardless,” said Kevin Hermening the chair of the Marathon Co. Republican Party.

Another point of controversy in the legislation is moving the 2020 presidential primary from April to March.

“It’s to give an advantage to one of the opponents oh my gosh I can’t imagine a worse reason to change a voting date so it advantages one candidate over the other,” Evers said.

Where as Hermening said he would like to see the Wisconsin presidential election move to as early as January.

A public hearing for the lame- duck session was held Monday afternoon and both the senate and assembly are expected to take this up on Tuesday.



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