Midterm elections draw in record breaking voter turnout

WOOD COUNTY (WAOW)- Four of the 15 counties in central Wisconsin had high percentages of voter turnout of over 80%.

Langlade and Oneida Co. both had 84% of voter turnout, Wood Co. had 90% and Marathon Co. had 85% of voters.

Though Tuesday’s highly anticipated election drew in high number of voters from the badger state counties made sure they were fully prepared.

“We actually ordered 100% turnout based on my municipalities,” said Wood County Clerk Trent Miner.

Miner said the voter turnout rate in the Wood Co. area was almost as close as it was for the presidential election in 2016.

“We looked back four years ago to the last governor’s race were at 76 % turn out for the presidential was at 90 so we are right around the middle there,” Miner said. “There was a heavy election day registration so it is going to push that number closer to the 90% mark.”

Miner said the high voter turnout seemed to be a trend over the last few elections.

He believed the voter turnout to be stronger due to more residents feeling the need to have their voices heard.

“I’m sure the national discussions trickles down to the local discussions and how things are discussed on a national level went down to a local level,” Miner said.

Miner said he hopes that the high voter turnout trend will continue for the future elections to come which aren’t until February of 2020.




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