Candidates for 72nd Assembly district sound off on WPR

Wausau (WAOW)- The candidates for the 72nd assembly district race are gearing up for the midterm elections.

Incumbent republican Scott Krug and democrat David Gorski sounded off on Wisconsin Public Radio on Thursday.

Both candidates talked to News 9 about issues they plan to tackle if elected.

“I think we also need to end the prescription drug price gouging Tony Evers has a plan to go in with other states and do multi state buys to bring down the costs,” said Gorski

“We got to keep working on our environmental issues in central Wisconsin we definitely have to increase our healthcare access for individuals and transparency for healthcare,” said Krug. “We want to make sure our transportation funding is adequate for our district and we want to make sure economy keeps booming along.”

The 72nd senate district is mostly rural.

It covers much of Adams and Waushara counties and small parts of Wood and Portage County.



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