Mosquitoes are out in full force in Central Wisconsin

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WAUSAU Wis. (WAOW) — Along with the hot summer weather comes those pesky mosquitoes and right now they are at the peak of their season.

Experts say the recent wet weather Central Wisconsin has seen is the main reason these pests are out in full force. Brianna Wright has been studying insects for the last decade and when it comes to the increase in the mosquito population she said, “its just due to our really wet and nice conditions for those mosquitoes, that’s what they love.”

But some areas are worse than others. “Anytime you’re near a body of water you’re going to see a larger number of mosquitoes they need those conditions in order to breed” said Brianna Wright a Horticulture educator at UW-Extension.

Since there is no escaping mosquitoes around water, Andra Pike often takes a different path during walks with her family. “There’s some ponds where our house is so when the mosquitoes are bad we go a different route” said Andra Pike of Wausau.

However John Bertotto of Wausau said the best thing to do it “use common sense and stay where they wouldn’t be, don’t go running around in the parks because they’re all over in the parks.”

As of right now there aren’t any vaccines to prevent infections from mosquitoes but experts say the best prevention is long sleeves, long pants and bug spray.

UW Extension suggests staying indoors or in a screened porch while the mosquito population is high.

Amanda Lojewski

Amanda Lojewski

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