Local farmer says strawberry picking season to be delayed

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CENTRAL WISCONSIN (WAOW)— Spring weather in central Wisconsin is causing a delay in strawberry picking season at Engelberry Farm.

Monday night, the strawberry full moon overlooked the Engelberry Farm’s strawberry fields.

The June full moon is given that name due to it coinciding with the time when the berries become ripe.

But spring weather is causing some delay.

Here in the Badger state, we’ve seen the weather impacting farmers whether it’s corn, soybeans, or strawberries.

But at Engelberry Farms, owners say the delay in the season is the only major impact.

The typical strawberry picking season begins around June 20, and last for three weeks.

Engelberry Farm co-owner, Mike Matushak, says a quick change in weather patterns could change the outlook, but he believes the the first picking opportunity won’t be until June 27.

“Could be a little sooner, could be a little later. If it stays cool, ya know, it could delay it a little more again. But, I think right now the plants are pushing pretty good,” said Matushak.

And owners at Engelberry Farm are as excited as community members to get to picking.

“Everyday I watch, and check, and look. And get excited about making sure they’re looking good and try to anticipate the start of the picking date,” said Matushak.

Curious central Wisconsinites can feel free to follow them on Facebook here, for the latest updates.

Chase McNamara

Chase McNamara

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