Back-to-back winter storms causing ‘snow fatigue’

WAUSAU, Wis. (WAOW) — Much of central Wisconsin dug themselves out of snow yet again Monday morning.

While it feels like we have been cleaning up the mess for days, it is not over yet.

The first snowfall brought a lot of excitement after a relatively dry start to the winter. However, with more than 19 inches of snow falling just in the month of February, many are ready for winter to end.

“It wasn’t so bad because it was fluffy, you know, yesterday,” said Wendy Krueger. “It wasn’t so hard shoveling, but it’s just the thought of having more we don’t want anymore.”

As bad as it is for homeowners, it’s been nonstop for plow drivers who are desperately trying to keep the roads clear.

“The last seven days, they have worked all seven days and they finished up this morning and we will send them home and anticipation on the storm coming in tonight,” said Ric Mohelnitzky, superintendent of Wausau Public Works.

Mohelnitzky said his team is still recovering from working long hours after last week’s storms.

Some workers even worked up to 80 hours.

“With these storms coming every couple of days, you are working 12 to 14 hours and you might be getting some sleep, and then you are working 12 to 14 hours again,” said Jim Leentz, a plow operator.

It’s not only the plow drivers feeling the impact, but their equipment as well.

During heavy snowstorms, public works mechanics work tirelessly to fix any repairs.

The public works team said even though they are working long hours, the public can help them by not driving past them when they are out plowing and salting roads.




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