Local AIDS group hopeful after President Trump’s call to end new infections

(WAOW) — Reports highlight the impact HIV is having right here in Wisconsin.

Statistics show 17 percent of people infected with the virus don’t know they have it.

However, in President Trump’s State of the Union address, he made it loud and clear he wants to stop any new HIV infections by 2030.

In 2017, more than 250 people were newly diagnosed with HIV in Wisconsin, according to the Wisconsin Department of Health Services.

However, there is hope because reports show Wisconsin was named the eighth-lowest among the 50 states for new diagnoses.

Though diagnoses have decreased, there is still no cure for the infection yet. But, the AIDS Resource Center of Wisconsin claims the President’s goal of combating the new infections by 2030 is a possibility.

“Folks who are living with HIV get into care and successful in managing their HIV. It becomes physiologically impossible for them to transmit HIV to somebody else,” said Bill Keeton, the Vice President of ARCW. “It is something called’ undetectable equals transmittable.'”

Experts believe there are things people can do to combat the spread of new infections.

They suggest getting tested, knowing the status of your infection and get treatment immediately.

Keeton said there is a drug called Prep that you can request from your doctor.

Researchers believe the pill is up to 99 percent effective at preventing HIV when you take it daily and practice safe sex.




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