BREAKING: Wausau babysitter charged in death of 2-month-old

WAUSAU (WAOW) — A Wausau babysitter has been charged with 1st degree intentional homicide in the death of a two-month-old baby, according to court documents.

Marissa Tietsort said she did not kill the baby, but admitted to police it died in her care while babysitting on Oct. 18, according to court documents. “She stated that victim felt cold and she knew he was dead. She said she did not check for a pulse, she did not reach out for help and she did not perform any resuscitation efforts,” records said.

Records show Tietsort said she went to McDonald’s to eat after putting the dead baby in her car and when the mother came to pick up her child, she put a hat over his eyes and didn’t tell the mother the baby was dead, according to court records.

An autopsy revealed the baby suffered three separate blunt force injuries to his head. The forensic pathologist also said the baby’s tailbone was fractured and broken off, according to records.

Thursday, Tietsort was denied a bond modification for separate child abuse charges.

Tietsort, who is a mother of 5, and is currently pregnant with her 6th, is currently in jail for separate charges for physically abusing an 8-month-old.

Tietsort sent a letter a letter to a Marathon County judge stating “I’m not a threat to society or a monster, I’m a great mom and I love everybody.”

Chase McNamara

Chase McNamara

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