Republican Party of Marathon County Facebook posts cause controversy

WAUSAU, Wis. (WAOW)– Two Facebook posts from the Republican Party of Marathon County have drawn criticism from local democrats. The subject of the posts from Tuesday are Senator Elizabeth Warren and Christine Blasey Ford.

Senator Warren released DNA test earlier this week in an attempt to prove her Native American Lineage. The move has received backlash from both sides of the aisle. The posts from the Republican Party of Marathon County comment on the DNA tests.

“We felt that there was more than a bit of hypocrisy surrounding Senator Warren’s allegations, or assertions I should say, of her Native American lineage,” said Kevin Hermening, the Chairman of the Republican Party of Marathon County.

One of the posts read, “WARREN: 1/2020th,” alluding to the Senator’s Potential bid for presidency in 2020. The actual ratio from the DNA test is 1/1024th.

Another post compared the Senator to Christine Blasey Ford, who accused Justice Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault. That post said, “Sen. Elizabeth Warren had as much evidence she is an Indian as Christine Blasey Ford had that she was attacked 30-some years ago by Justice Kavanaugh. #Fauxahontas”

Katie Rosenberg, a member of the Marathon County Board of Supervisors, tweeted that the meme was racist. Other local democrats have also come out against the post.

“They are making cheap jokes at a time when racism is a serious issue and we should never be making fun of it or poking fun of any culture,” said State Representative Katrina Shankland.

Hermening said he doesn’t get what about the post was racist. “The only real racist is Senator Warren who has taken advantage of the Cherokee Nation.”

But local democrats are calling the posts bigotry, saying that’s one of the issues politicians should be talking about.

“If they want to focus on issues related to this, they can focus on making sure every Native American in this country has clean water and has the right to vote,” said Shankland.

While the Facebook posts have been taken down, the Republican Party of Marathon County continues to stand by them.

This controversy is one that is likely to continue through the midterm elections and beyond.


Sarah McGrew

Sarah McGrew

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