Engebretson, Ewert make stop in Marathon County

Congressional candidate Margaret Engebretson and her former primary opponent Brian Ewert visited the Marathon County Democratic Headquarters Thursday to present a unified front.

Engebretson defeated Ewert by about 7,000 votes Tuesday. But two days later, they were shaking hands, and spreading the same message of urging voters to get Democrats back into office up and down the ticket.

"Immediately after the 2016 elections, I knew that the only way back from this was to come together as a party," said Engebretson.

"We value our communities, we value strengthening them," added Ewert. "We value making sure there’s health care, education. We value roads and bridges and broadband."

Engebretson will now take on Congressman Sean Duffy, who is seeking a fifth term. She called Duffy an "absentee congressman." Duffy said that tag proves Engebretson is out of touch.

"I go to church there. I shop at Walmart in Wausau. My kids go to school in Wausau," he said. "So it’s pretty hard to be absent when you actually live in the community. I do a town hall in every district, or in every county, every year."

Duffy has held the post since 2011. He replaced a Democrat who held that seat for four decades. 



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