Wood Co. boy pleads for return of stolen tortoise

A six-year-old Wisconsin Rapids boy is devastated after someone stole his beloved pet tortoise from her backyard cage.

"Our youngest son Dylan is upset, he was crying every night," Lindsey Runyon said.

News 9 sat down with Dylan Runyon who said he can’t believe someone stole his tortoise.

"Do you guys have Buddy," he asked News 9.

The 8-year-old tortoise named Buddy shared the cage with a rabbit, and last week the thief grabbed Buddy in broad daylight and ran.

Dylan said his favorite thing to do with Buddy is feed her.

Dylan turned six years old on Tuesday and for his birthday he just wants one thing.

"It’s my birthday and I want Buddy back," he said.

The Wisconsin Rapids Police Department is working hard to get Buddy back and is even pleading with the public on their Facebook page.

Dylan’s mom couldn’t take the heartbreak anymore and she got Dylan a new pet tortoise. 

However, for Dylan Buddy can’t be replaced.

"Bring buddy back," Dylan said.

The family is offering a reward for Buddy’s safe return.

The public is urged to call Wisconsin Rapids Police Department or contact News 9. 



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