Drug Takeback Cleaning up the Streets of Wausau

Wausau, Wis.(WAOW) – The Wisconsin State Patrol held their annual Drug Takeback program on Monday.

The program is organized through a partnership between the Wisconsin Department of Justice, and the Drug Enforcement Administration.

Local agencies collected, weighed, and packaged all of the dropped off drugs. From there they brought it all to a regional Wisconsin State Patrol post.

Law enforcement understands that you may be afraid to turn in your drugs, but law enforcement is here to collect for the good of the public, not to ask questions.

“We don’t look at the boxes or whatever they bring,” says Capt. Adrian Logan of the Wisconsin State Patrol-Wausau Post. “We just tell them where to put them and they’re disposed. We don’t ask any questions, that’s why we call it a drop off.”

In return for the drugs, the State Patrol provided over 200 agencies with more that 2,300 doses of Narcan.



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