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90% of UW Madison campus fully vaccinated against COVID-19


MADISON (WKOW) — UW-Madison has already "met and exceeded" its goal COVID-19 vaccination rate among students, faculty and staff, but officials say they're still working to increase the rates.

“I’m proud of our students and employees for taking this important step to protect themselves and others. And I’m grateful to our staff, who worked tirelessly to achieve these results,” Chancellor Rebecca Blank said. 

UW-Madison highlights that as of September 1, 88% of students and 92% of staff members are fully vaccinated against COVID-19. Officials report 92% of residents in university housing are fully vaccinated, too.

“Our high level of vaccination means that we have a robust level of protection on campus and fewer members of our community will experience severe infections caused by COVID-19, compared to areas with lower vaccination rates,” Blank said.

The 90% overall vaccination rate UW-Madison boasts is similar to or higher than other Big Ten campuses, including those with vaccine mandates. UW says its success in vaccination rates comes from repeated messaging and visible marketing, data analysis, targeted outreach and focus on the subject from campus leaders.

Still, UW-Madison acknowledges that breakthrough cases are likely to happen.

With the FDA approving the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine, campus officials expect vaccination numbers to increase still. No-cost COVID-19 vaccinations are still available through University Health Services. Third doses for immunocompromised people are also available.

Those who remain unvaccinated are required to get tested for COVID-19 weekly.

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