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Tips to prepare for severe weather

Amber Hill Storm Photos
Amber Hill
Courtesy of Amber Hill

WISCONSIN, (WAOW)-- There are still thousands of people without power in North Central Wisconsin and more storms are in the forecast.

The Wausau area experienced minimal damage but surrounding areas including the Northwoods had power outages and downed trees.

As the next round of storms prepares to hit on Wednesday there are things you can do ahead of time to prepare.

"Our crews have made some notable progress. They have restored service to more than 43 thousand customers who were impacted by those severe thunder storms," Representative for Wisconsin Public Service Matt Cullen said.

With back to back storm systems like we are about to see, experts say damage could be even worse, especially when it comes to water damage and mold.

"Typically it takes two, three, four days for anything really bad to start happening. But once you get past that three to four day window, microbial growth could start growing in your home. So mold, the nasty M word, could start," said Jay Cricks the co-owner of NorthStar Restoration Services.

To prepare for the next round, experts recommend keeping your yard clear of items that could blow around.

"The wind could pick the items up then they could break a window, penetrate your roof, bust into your siding, cause more water damage than if it was just the wind blowing against your home," Cricks said.

Wisconsin Public Service says it's getting ready for the next round of storms if they come.

"We're making sure we're prepared whether it's our personnel, our equipment, our materials, our vehicles, so if we start to see an impact from that severe weather, our crews can respond as quickly and as safely as possible," Cullen said.

Experts recommend having an emergency kit with a blanket, water, and a flashlight to keep you safe while you wait for the power to be restored.

Brittany Slaughter

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