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Officials warning people to take precaution while at bars

(WAOW) -- A terrifying moment caught on camera at a Wisconsin bar has officials urging you to be cautious.

A man was caught on camera putting an unknown substance into a bartender's drink at an Eau Claire bar.

"Most of the time it's unreported. Some people don't feel the need to come in and report it right away," said Lieutenant Christopher Smart-Defoe of the Kronenwetter police department.

Most date rape drugs are tasteless, odorless and colorless. But you may notice residue or power around your drink, as well as a slight cloudiness.

Smart-Defoe says the best thing to do is prevent the situation from happening in the first place.

"The most important thing I would say is that you never accept a drink from somebody else or anybody that you don't know or trust at that point," he said.

Unfortunately, sometimes worst case scenarios do happen.

"I see patients who come to the ER or the ED because they've been sexually assaulted or they suspect they may have been sexually assaulted. Something's out of place," said Sandra Wolf, a sexual assault nurse examiner with Aspirus.

Wolf says symptoms of a spiked drink can include difficulty breathing, loss of bladder control, feeling drunk when you haven't had much to drink and memory loss.

"We often see people who are waking up with no memory or who are missing large portions of their memory," she said.

Wolf said she always encourages people to report sexual assault, even if it's outside the recent time window.

"This is huge- we can tell you, it's not your fault. No one who drinks too much or was at a bar or at a party, they don't deserve to be sexually assaulted," she said.

For more information on sexual assault, click here, or here for state-specific resources.

Natalie Sopyla

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