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Bartender shares story after realizing her drink had been tampered with

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RUSK COUNTY (WQOW) - Missy's Broken Arrow has been a popular hangout spot in Conrath, Wisconsin for the last 72 years. But at around 5:30 p.m. on Wednesday night, the bar's manager said he witnessed something he wouldn't have expected.

"It's kind of scary," said Missy's Broken Arrow Manager, Doug Merrill. "You wouldn't think you'd see that in a small-town bar."

Broken Arrow employee, Mellissa Hladilek, was working a normal shift tending the bar before she was called to help Merrill with some cleaning in the back room. Hladilek said she was only gone for a few minutes, but that was enough time for her to return to a dangerous scene.

"After I was done, I came back out, sat at the counter," Hladilek recalled. "After a couple minutes, I took a drink of my soda and it felt gritty, so I wiped my lip off a little bit. Then I got to looking at the can and I saw a white powder substance on there. Then I took it in back to show the manager and I'm like, 'I think there's something wrong with this can, it's funny, you know?'"

"So I looked in there with the flashlight," Merrill added. "And saw that it was foaming and said, 'Well I'll go look at the surveillance cameras and see if maybe somebody did something to it.'"

Someone did do something to it; with surveillance footage showing someone tampering with Hladilek's drink. The person in the footage can be seen leaving shortly after Hladilek took the drink to the back to show Merrill.

After seeing that footage, Merrill said he called the police. Hladilek was seen by a doctor, even though she didn't feel sick, and told our affiliate, WQOW, on Sunday that she is doing alright.

According to Hladilek and Merrill, the person in the security footage is a Broken Arrow regular they both personally know. Merrill said the person was arrested that same night, but according to court records, has yet to be charged.

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