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Food shortages impact restaurants, bars

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food shortage

KRONENWETTER, Wis. (WAOW) -- Ongoing food shortages and delays are impacting restaurants and bars in our area.

"I would say that it has been at least 6 months, progressively getting worse," said Jackie Fisher, co-owner at ReLocation Pub & Eatery, "Every week it seems to be a different item that there is a shortage of. We just never know what product we're going to get every day we're on the phone with the distributor or trying to figure out what to get."

Sometimes it's not just the product itself that is causing the shortage.

"So even when you can get the product, a lot of times the product is there but there's nothing to do with that product. So it stems back to putting that product into something," Fisher said, "One example is our salad dressing is what's going on this week. So the salad dressing is ready to go, but there are no containers to put the salad dressing in to get it shipped to us."

That salad dressing is expected to be out for eight to twelve weeks.

It's these delays on shortages that are putting pressure on prices.

"So our shortening that we get for our deep fryers went from $21 for 35 pounds to $48 in a two-week timespan. And people don't realize that we have these behind-the-scenes costs that we have to absorb somewhere. So sadly, I feel like the consumer is the one that's going to have the bottom line of making up for it," said Fisher.

That pressure is not just on the owners, but on the menu, too.

"I do think that menu prices will be going up and I think you're going to see it all over," Fisher said.

But for now, don't be too worried about seeing your favorite items disappear off menus forever.

"I don't think it's severe enough to take things off the menu, we do go a week or two where we don't have them, and we have to post saying we don't have them or change our menu around a little bit until the product comes back in, and people are very understanding about it because they know too, when they go to the store, that they can't find that product," said Fisher.

Jade Henschel

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