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Study: COVID-19 vaccines could provide years of protection


(WQOW) - A study published in the scientific journal "Nature" shows mRNA-type vaccines could provide years of lasting protection.

According to the findings, mRNA vaccines - such as those produced by drugmakers Pfizer and Moderna - were shown to produce high levels of neutralizing antibodies, as well as "B" cells - both crucial to the immune system. Researchers say that should mean protection for years.

The research indicates that Pfizer and Moderna vaccine shots may have trained the body to fight off infection to a limited degree, providing evidence that booster shots may not be necessary for those who have received those vaccines.

However, the ever-changing coronavirus does cause some concern. Most recently, the emergence of the "Delta" variant has some worried that those who remain unvaccinated are at greater risk of infection. Also at increased risk are immunocompromised people, who have a higher chance to be infected with COVID-19 after vaccination. It's not possible to know if these vaccines - or the immune response they provoke - will continue protect against the virus as it mutates.

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