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Broadband internet improves health of dairy herds, but how?

ELMWOOD (WQOW) - Dairy farmers across the state use internet-connected devices to track the health of their herds.

That ends up highlighting the need for broadband internet in rural areas. "Internet changed the capabilities that we have, and the tools that we can use because of it," said Trevor Baier of Baier Creek Farms.

Baier Creek Farms in Elmwood has been adding internet-based management tools to the farm over the last couple of years.

Just Thursday, 60 cows were collared with SCR technology, a device that acts like a 'FitBit' for cows.

The SCR system provides Baier's farm with over 150 yards of coverage and spans over his two barns.

"They can track how much they're chewing their cud, when they're laying down it makes us make better decisions on nutrition, as well as reproduction and we're able to monitor these cows 24/7, and get that information to a computer. We can look at the whole herd on one screen," sad Baier.

Since the collars were put on Thursday, Baier has shifted his focus to tracking the cows activity and their reaction to the heat.

Baier said the monitors allow them to make decisions immediately to protect the health of the herd. "You try to get a return on your investment by having healthy cows, and ultimately making better decisions because of it," said Baier.

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