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Preparation makes a difference in the face of severe weather

Severe Weather

WISCONSIN, (WAOW)-- Severe weather earlier in the week continued through Friday, leaving power outages and damages in the wake. With pop-up storms like the once experienced, it's important to know what to do next time a storm hits.

Wisconsin Public Service is reporting thousands of outages in the News 9 viewing area, and a representative said those outages could last into the night. However, there are things you can do to keep from being left in the dark the next time a storm hits.

"Keep some of your items in your yard that could blow away and potentially cause issues somewhere else down the line. Put them in your garage, tie them down," Merrill Fire Fighter and Paramedic Kyle Banaszak said.

Preparation ahead of time can make a big difference while you wait for help to arrive.

"One of the guys mentioned this morning they went out and the fire number was covered up for the people's residence and they had a hard time finding the residence," Banaszak said.

When in an emergency, officials say seconds can make a difference.

"When seconds count, little things that you do before hand can save us seconds, minutes, or even longer if you do have an emergency at your house," Banaszak explained.

As crews work to restore power from Thursday's storms, they are looking ahead to threatening weather this the rest of the week.

"What crews will do is they will respond again as safely and as quickly as possible to address any outages that may occur as a result of those storms while they continue their work to repair the outages that were caused by the storms that moved through on Thursday," Senior Communications Specialist for Wisconsin Public Service Matt Cullen said.

He also explained that crews have been working around the clock to restore power and take care of residents. Banaszak reminded people to drive slow if crossing on water and to avoid downed power lines.

"Any power line that you see that is down on the ground, whether it is sparking or not, keep clear of it," Banaszak warned.

As always you can stay updated on the weather using the Storm Track app or our interactive radar.

Brittany Slaughter

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