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Our Summer Expected To Be Hotter

The temperature outlook for the summer is in.  This is for the months of June, July and August.  We are in the third hottest contour.  Above average.  May-June-July has us a bit above normal.

A lot of this is based on the fact it was considered a La-Nina year.


Wausau had a record high of 100 in 1933.  Last June we peaked at 91 and bottomed with a 41.

Rhinelander has a June record of 104 from 1934.  Last year Rhinelander peaked at 91 and bottomed at 41 in June.

                                  June      July      August

Wausau Averages      65.0       69.6       67.1

                      Max      73.7       76.7       74.5

                      Min       57.0       62.0      57.5

You head 90 miles north…

Eagle River Averages   62.7      66.7        64.4

                            Max    69.7     71.4         70.5

                            Min     54.2     61           57.5

Roughly a three degree temperature difference between Wausau and Eagle River

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