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Hurricane Season Already? Sort Of.

The 2021 eastern Pacific hurricane season officially begins May 15, but the season got a little bit of an early start.  The first tropical storm of the 2021 eastern Pacific hurricane season formed off the southwest coast of Mexico on Sunday. 

Andres is moving west at 5 mph.

Tropical Storm Andres is the earliest tropical storm to ever form during the satellite era in the eastern Pacific, surpassing Adrian in 2017.  It's not the first time a tropical system has developed before the official start of hurricane season. The eastern Pacific has had either a tropical depression or tropical storm form prior to the official season in three of the last five years.

Andres is already on the way out.  It is moving 5 mph (slow) with 40 mph winds.  39 mph winds makes it a tropical storm.  It is projected to weaken. It becomes a tropical depression, then disturbance. Within a day it will basically be like a Wisconsin generic thunderstorm.  

Andres- dark red circle

Tropical storms (or hurricanes) can eventually affect us with rain, possibly thunderstorms.  We are more likely to get leftovers from tropical storms that track into the western Gulf of Mexico.  That is coming in a few months! 

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