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Tracking the snowmelt in 2021

***Update June 5th: The snowmelt contest is complete! Winners will be posted once they are selected from those who guessed the correct date. There were 106 total entries for the correct date this year and the drawing will be held this week on Wake-Up Wisconsin.

The recent heatwave proved to be enough to melt all of the remaining snow on Rib Mountain for 2021. Here is a look at the area where the last patch was seen on June 4th compared to the afternoon of June 5th.

June 5th - All Melted
June 4th

***Update from June 2nd: The last patch of snow survived June 2nd. Check the picture below. With the warmer temps, it is likely going to melt before the weekend. Will it be today June 3rd or tomorrow June 4th? I am guessing it will be Friday, June 4th. Check back here or watch News9 for updates over the next couple of days.

The last patch of surviving snow, as of late evening June 2nd

***Update from May 30th: More rocks are poking through the snow. It still looks like a couple of days before it melts. With warmer weather later this week, it will be gone quite soon.

Less and less snow on Rib Mountain

***Update from May 28th: A picture from the same snow pile as back on May 23rd. As you can see, it has gotten a lot smaller but due to the cool weather, the melt has slowed a bit. The day with the most entries this year was June 2nd. Could it last that long? We will be checking the snow again today.

***Update from May 23rd: The pile of snow in one spot is still a couple of feet thick so it looks like the snowmelt contest could last until the end of May. The picture below shows the most significant pile left on the mountain. Interesting contours with the dirt left in the snow.

***Update from May 19th: The warmer weather is accelerating the snowmelt. The snow piles are getting much smaller. It will only be a few days now before the end of the contest.

***Update: This picture is from Thursday May 13th. As you can see, there was plenty of snow at that point, but it is getting much less. Check back here for updated pictures throughout the next couple of weeks - if the contest lasts that long.

Rib Mountain snow on May 13th

The entry period for the snowmelt contest is over, now it is time to watch and wait.

The ski resort and mother nature both made less snow this year. Does this mean the snow will melt earlier than average. Three times the contest has ended in May. Most of the time it is some time in the middle of June.

As of now, the snow piles do look pretty small up there on Rib Mountain. We will be tracking it closely. Check back here to get updates and pictures over the next few weeks.

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