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Former employee or potential shooter: police share tips

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WAUSAU, Wis. (WAOW) -- From Oconomowoc in March, to just this past weekend near Green Bay, dozens of people have died in mass shootings this year.

"The main thing is that we just don't give up, we keep on trying, we survive, we do what we can to keep ourselves safe and to keep the people around us safe," said Max LaPorte, Detective with the Wausau Police Department.

In several mass shootings, it was fired or former employees who police say pulled the trigger.

So what can you do if you're a boss, concerned a former employee may do harm?

Police say to give them a call.

"You can come up with a plan that's comfortable for both of you, so it some cases the business might say here's the situation we just want you to be aware of it. We're going to the terminate John Doe, here's a little bit of information. We expect this to take place at this date and this time. If you can just have a car in the area and just be aware of it," said Chief Terry McHugh, Kronenwetter Police Department.

Officials say calling the police immediately could possibly prevent them from taking action, not just against the business owner but other employees as well.

Bobby Falat

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