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Getting Answers: Do I have seasonal allergies or COVID-19?


(WKOW) -- Spring is officially here, and with trees and flowers beginning to bloom, it’s possible that parents are also beginning to hear their children cough or sneeze more often.

The overlap in symptoms between seasonal allergies and COVID-19 can make it difficult for people to differentiate between the two. Doctors say if you or your child are experiencing itchy eyes, itchy nose and sneezing, you're most likely dealing with allergies.

SSM Health Dean Medical Group – Stoughton pediatrician Dr. Tom Murwin recommends trying an over-the-counter allergy medication first, to see if it can rule out COVID-19.

"Usually the allergy medicines, within about five to seven days of daily use, you'll start to see some help," Dr. Murwin said. "But the COVID thing is such a time sensitive thing that many times you may start them on allergy meds, but you may also get them COVID tested as well just to make sure."

Dr. Murwin added that if you are unsure, keep your child home from school and get them tested for COVID-19.

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