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Health experts address COVID-19 vaccine myths

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WAUSAU, Wis. (WAOW) -- Finding information online about COVID-19 vaccines can be helpful or harmful depending on where you look.

"They can put information out there that can be very seductive, and it becomes very easy to fall into that trap of believing something that's just not true," said Ajay Sethi, Associate Professor of Population Health Sciences at UW-Madison.

Sethi says misinformation is influencing some Wisconsinites decisions of whether to get a covid-19 vaccine.

"When somebody is a little bit more pushy with their opinion, my guard tends to go up," said Sethi.

Many of the concerns surround efficacy of the vaccines.

Posing questions like; If the vaccine works, why are we supposed to wear a mask even if we are fully vaccinated?

Sethi says that wont always be the recommendation.

Its because many still haven't been vaccinated, and you could still spread it.

"Wearing a mask is just a good idea because we still have lots of spread of this coronavirus in our communities, and nobody wants to be a contributor of that spread. So, that's why we have to do it for now," said Sethi.

Another common misconception, that the vaccine doesn't work. And fuel was added when Pfizer's CEO said we may need a third dose.

But that's not an official stance.

"With both Pfizer and Moderna six months into this, both have shown great effectiveness, and that effectiveness level has been maintained… There's nothing that's been confirmed yet by the CDC in terms of that recommendation for a booster," said Meranda Eggebrecht, Clinical Quality Nurse Specialist at Marshfield Clinic Health System.

But one click on to the wrong site could lead you to believe otherwise.

For other questions or concerns about vaccines, health experts say to ask your doctor for guidance.

Chase McNamara

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