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Do You Remember The Weather This Day in 2018?

Snow is an essential part of the north-central Wisconsin economy.  From a purely personal standpoint, I am glad I missed out on one of the biggest snowstorms on record.  This time in 2018 (mid-April), a major snowstorm hit Wisconsin.  I was living in California.  An unprecedented spring blizzard smacked down on northeastern and central Wisconsin, wreaking havoc on roads, causing roofs to collapse, and prompting churches to cancel services.

The storm set snowfall records in Green Bay, Appleton and Wausau, according to Roy Eckberg of the National Weather Service.

"It's probably going to go in the record books as a historic April snowstorm," Eckberg said.  It was.  34.5” was the record snowfall amount for April in Wausau.  The previous April record was 25.5” in April of 1909.  Before “climate change” (a joke). Green Bay had 36.7”.  The following year, Wausau set a one-day snow total of 15.7” on February 12th.  The most snow I ever experienced in one day was 12”.  Three snowfalls in the winter of 2013 in Kansas City.    While I am gathering random snow data, here is some more:  Record May snow total is 5.5” in 1935.  We have had snow in June, as recent as 2000.  Just a trace.  September snow, yep.  2” in 1942.  Wow, that leaves only July and August as months that have not seen snow in Wausau.

The National Weather Service expected the storm of 2018, which started Friday evening, would linger into Sunday night and bring with it more snow, sleet and freezing rain. The blizzard warning was canceled early Sunday evening and replaced with winter weather advisories.  The Wausau three-day snow total was not even a record.  20.5” of snow placed it #4 on the all-time three-day total list.  March 7th, 1959 is #1 at 22.1”. 

Wind gusts were estimated to reach 50 miles per hour and cause whiteout conditions with localized flooding along the Green Bay and Lake Michigan shoreline. 

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