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April Showers Bring…Green Grass

It seems like we have been talking about cloudy days and rain for quite some time.

It is relative. A few weeks ago (early March), we were talking about how sunny it had been. We have been in a wet, unstable pattern by Meteorological terms. In reality, we have had 1.75” of rain this month. By April 13th, the average is .97”.

A typical April sees 2.71” of rain. The driest April was in 1946, with just .34” of rain. The wettest, 1954, with 6.06” of rain. That year, by this point (April 13th), they had just .80”. April 1954 finished the month with some pretty wet days. 2.83” total in the last 5 days of the month. The wettest month on average in Wausau? June, which sees on average 4.25” of rain.

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Jeff Andrews

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