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Mosquitoes Already?

Driving up I-39 Saturday early evening, I enjoyed the sun reflecting off Lake Dubay.  Then I heard the sound of my windshield getting pelted with bugs.  This happened in several spots along the highway.  It is only early April.  I haven’t lived in Wisconsin in the summer in quite some time. To the best of my memory, mosquito season is at its peak in July. 

Mosquito Season

Depending on the species, some mosquitoes hibernate during the winter and re-emerge when the weather begins to get warmer, while others hatch from previously laid eggs in the spring. The temperature plays a key factor in determining the actual start of the mosquito season. Generally, mosquito activity will begin when the temperature reaches the 50° F level. Mosquitoes thrive on hot weather. Thus, as the temperature begins to rise, the mosquito volume increases accordingly. The mosquito season reaches its peak during the hot summer months.

Where Do Mosquitoes Breed?

The most common mosquito breeding grounds are:

Why Do I Attract Mosquitoes?

Outside of environmental factors, people can attract mosquitoes by:

Bugs on my windshield in Louisiana

While researching, I stumbled on the windshield phenomenon (or windscreen phenomenon) is the observation that recently fewer dead insects accumulate on the windshields of people's cars. It has been attributed to a global decline in insect populations caused by human activity.  I can dig into that in a future blog. 

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