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When was our first 70 degree day in recent years?

We have climbed above 60 degrees several times already this spring in the Wausau area and more warm days are on the way. In fact our official News 9 forecast is predicting highs tantalizingly close to 70 degrees over the Easter weekend. It begs the question, how unusual would it be to reach 70 degrees so early in the year around here?

To help answer that, let's go ahead and see when we achieved our first couple of 70 degree days in each of the past five years in Wausau.


1) May 2nd (72)

2) May 19th (71)


1) Apr. 21st (78)

2) May 5th (70)


1) Apr. 24th (70)

2) Apr. 30th (76)


1) Apr. 9th (74)

2) Apr. 25th (74)


1) Apr. 15th (72)

2) Apr. 16th (79)

So based on the past five years, we can say it would be somewhat unusual to have 70 degree highs in the Wausau area this Easter weekend. The earliest we have seen that warm of weather in the past five years was April 9th of 2017. More commonly we have achieved that first 70 degree day in late April or early May.

One other interesting thing I noticed from this data was that it is sort of unusual to have back to back days of 70 degrees in April or early May. It looks like there is a pattern of having a week or two separation between the first 70 degree day and the next one. The exception in the past five years was in 2016 when we strung together several such warm days in the mid part of April.

Keep in mind that the average high temperature in our area for this Easter weekend is just in the low 60s. So, I guess we should be very pleased with the warm temperatures, whether it ends up being 65 degrees or into the low 70s.

Enjoy your time outdoors!

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Tony Schumacher

Lead Evening Meteorologist at WAOW-TV and Chief Meteorologist / Owner of Great Lakes Weather Service, LLC. A Wisconsin native with nearly 30 years experience in weather forecasting and broadcast.

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