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Some Cool Things To See In The Sky In April

In addition to our weather, we will have other cool things to see in our skies.  There are three bigger astronomy related things to see:

Pyramid of light after sunset in early April (now). The weeks surrounding the equinox bring an opportunity to spot a phenomenon that is only visible in the night sky two times a year, and time is running out to see it until it appears again around the September equinox.

A pyramid-shaped glow known as the zodiacal light should be visible during the first nights of April.  It is not easy to see. Look toward the western sky after sunset.

From April 22 to 23, the Lyrids meteor shower will be visible. It's considered an "average" shower, producing about 20 visible meteors an hour at its peak

Nearly two weeks after the Lyrids, the Eta Aquariids meteor shower will peak, which is traditionally of the best meteor showers of the year for the Southern Hemisphere.

April's full moon, also known as the pink moon, will be at its biggest and brightest on Sunday, April 25 (around 10:30 PM for us). It is known as the pink moon to native and colonial Americans not because the moon itself will look pink, but because April's full moon happens around the time that moss phlox start to bloom.  Moss phlox blooms as a bright pink flower. Combining the two nicknames makes April's full moon a Super Pink Moon, although the moon will not actually look pink. The moon will nearly be full, however, so it will likely be a hard shower to see. Full moons are bright and often drown out the light from stars or other astronomical events.  There is also the chance to spot a few fireballs, incredibly bright meteors that can light up the entire sky for a few seconds.

It will be a supermoon, which happens when the moon will be at one of its closest points to Earth. Supermoons look larger and brighter in the sky. This is the second of 2021's four supermoons; the other two will happen in May and June.

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