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Governor Visits Wausau to Promote Transportation Budget

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Wausau, Wis. (WAOW) -- The governor made his way to the area on "pothole patrol," helping Department of Transportation officials fill a pothole.

He was promoting his goals for the transportation budget in Wisconsin with a multi-city tour Wednesday.

"When you have a good transportation system you have a good economy," he said.

He says his budget emphasizes a partnership with local municipalities. This includes providing $75 million that cities can apply for to use for local transportation projects.

"Two years ago in the budget we did a great job in partnership with the cities and the counties to make sure we had an historic investment, not just in the major roads but in doing things like this," he said.

Officials say this budget builds upon the last one, which was a significant undertaking. They say not even the pandemic slowed their progress.

"We've made huge progress in the last budget, we're going to continue to build on that progress in this budget," said DOT secretary-designee Craig Thompson.

He says the budget will address critical needs they've been hearing about from Wisconsinites.

"We know there's plenty more work out there to be done. Bridges to be fixed, roads to be repaired and a lot of those things," Thompson said.

The budget will work to improve transportation's impact in other areas, like through Wisconsin Southern Railroad's acquisition of 265 miles of track.

"It's going to allow a lot of our timber to get on some of these railcars and get off our roads, which is great for the environment," Thompson said.

Natalie Sopyla

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