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You Can Get a Sunburn Here In March

Most people don’t think of March as a month to get sunburned.  The “azimuth” is the sun angle at solar noon (highest point).  Think of it this way, 90 degrees is straight overhead.  The more overhead, the more focused the rays (shorter shadow). In Wausau, today at noon, the Azimuth is 137.67 degrees.  121.26 on June 21st. (shorter angle, closer to 90 degrees). Key West, FL (much further south, closer to the Equator) the sun azimuth is 113 degrees today, The azimuth is 84 degrees (almost directly overhead) June 21st.

The U.S. National Weather Service calculates the UV Index using a computer model that relates the ground-level strength of solar ultraviolet (UV) radiation to forecasted stratospheric ozone concentration, forecasted cloud amounts, and elevation of the ground.

Here is our UV Forecast:

Generally speaking, sunshine tends to help our mood.  SAD, seasonal defective disorder is clinically proven.  We get Vitamin D from the sun (among other things).  Our region does not statistically see this much sun this time of year.

January-February are mostly cloudy/overcast 60% of the days.  March tends to get better at “just” 55% mostly cloudy/overcast.

The US average is 205 days of sun/year.  Wausau averages 186.

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