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Wildfire Threat in Wisconsin

  Wildfires in Wisconsin?  Yes, it is possible.  Not likely we could ever see something “California-Level”.  Right now, there are 18 wildfires burning in Wisconsin.  36 wildfires yesterday burned over 100 acres (According to the Wisconsin DNR) So far, just over 25 acres have burned today (Sunday).  The closests fire to NorthCentral Wisconsin (at this hour), is near Waupaca, where 6 acres have burned.  While I was a Meteorologist in California, I covered numerous wildfires.  Four fires that exceeded 250,000 acres burned, each.  83 people died in the 2018 “Camp” Fire near Paradise, CA. The fire danger level for half of the state of Wisconsin is “very high” (Orange).  This includes most of NorthCentral Wisconsin.  Vilas County is the lone county at “Moderate” (Blue).  No county is “low”.  Just about half of Wisconsin is “high” (Yellow).
 The main factors in the wildfire concerns are the winds, humidity, moisture of the ground and air temperatures.  These aren't the only factors, but the main ones.   
 This bulletin was issued this (Sunday) morning by the National Weather Center:
 939 AM CDT Sun Mar 21 2021
 Low relative humidities, strong gusty south winds, and above
 normal temperatures will result in elevated fire weather conditions
 this afternoon. Conditions will be near-critical over the sandy
 soil regions of central and northern Wisconsin, where relative
 humidities will fall to around 25 percent and winds will gust to
 30 to 40 mph.
 Residents should not attempt to burn yard debris today, as the
 fire could quickly get out of control. Outdoor enthusiasts should
 use extreme caution with off-road vehicles or equipment that can
 create a spark and start a fire. Care should also be taken with
 campfires and smoking materials.
 Be aware of burning restrictions and be sure to report any wildfires
 by dialing 9 1 1. See
 for more information.
Active Fires (As of 3/21/ 4 PM)
Burning Threat Level (Orange=Very High). Yellow "High"
Germann Road Fire 2012 (Courtesy Wisconsin DNR)

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