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SPASH’s Senior swimmers get their night

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For the four seniors on the SPASH Panthers girls swim team, Thursday night was one they didn't think they'd get.

"I was super nervous at the beginning of the year," said senior Sophie Czerwonka. "I didn't know how anything was going to turn out we went into this summer like, 'Swim isn't happening.' "

"It was one of the things we thought about like, 'Oh we're not going to get our senior night.' " recalled Sydney Gargulak. "It's something we saw the last three years we've been on the team and looked forward too."

However, they would get a season and the sendoff they deserved.

"I'm super excited to have some kind of a senior season with everything that's gone on the last year and a half," said Czerwonka. "I'm glad we get to have it (senior night) today."

"I was excited because I really didn't think we'd get one (a senior night)," said Gargulak. "But now that we get to close out our senior year with some sense of normality it's really nice."

While the pandemic may have put the seniors final season in jeopardy, it also made it that much more special.

"It's been important to have fun," said Czerwonka. "Just enjoy each others company for the time that we're here."

"Without the pandemic it (the season) wouldn't have been the way it was," said senior Sydney Hoff. "I don't think we would have had as much fun or made the same memories."

Senior night would provide them with one final memory, albeit bitter sweet.

"This is kind of your last good bye," said Czerwonka. "This is the last time I'll swim here, this is the last time racing in this pool. It's definitely special to spend it with all the people that you love."

"I'm going to miss it a lot," said Gurgulak. "But it's going to be a really fond memory because all my friends are a part of this team."

"These girls have been my family for so long," said Hoff. "I'm really hoping that we can have fun tonight and make a great last memory."

Alex Stewart

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