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SPASH football stayed ready, now they’re all in for spring season

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Down… Set… Hit!

With those three words in just a few weeks, after over 500 days… SPASH football will be back.

"It's been a rollercoaster," said Head Coach Pete McAdams. "A rollercoaster of emotions, a roller coaster of events."

Because of COVID-19 the Panthers opted out of the traditional fall season in 2020 in favor of participating in an alternate spring season.

However that meant the team would have to sit by and watch as every other school in the area played.

"Seeing the teams play in the fall was kind of challenging to watch," said senior offensive lineman Noah Jung.

"It was hard," agreed his teammate wide receiver and defensive back Nathan Konkol. "It was very mentally exhausting for us."

But behind two phrases, the Panthers persevered to the spring.

"Earlier in the year we went by the motto, be ready," said Jung. "Staying ready throughout the year, not losing focus."

"It was kind of a team decision really," recalled McAdams. "The seniors instilled in us as coaches, that, 'coach we will be ready as soon as we get the green light to go.' "

Once they got that green light, it was time to go all in.

"We need everybody's effort," said McAdams. "Everybody working together on this so that's what the "All In" is all about. We gotta buy in with each other and trust in one another out here and take it from there."

"The change to "All In" is really important," said Konkol of the teams new slogan. "Because it just bring this excitement because we're here, we're playing in three weeks.

A fact that's meaning isn't lost on this team.

"Just the ability to play in spring, the fall, doesn't matter," said Konkol. "I think that just playing is the most important thing to us."

The Panthers will begin their season March 26 at 7 P.M. on the road against Neenah.

Alex Stewart

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