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Area Teacher Wins State Award

Wausau, Wis. (WAOW) -- Patty Zemke, 6th grade health teacher at John Muir Middle School, was one of around 100 recipients of the Herb Kohl Education Foundation Teacher Fellowship.

She was nominated for the award, and went through the lengthy process of writing an essay on her teaching philosophies and goals.

She has been awarded a $6,000 grant, some of which will go towards classroom supplies.

"I'm excited to share it with my students because I'm always talking about setting goals and aspiring to be what they want to be and just showing them that hard work, you can achieve what you want," Zemke said.

Zemke was one of two teachers in the Wausau area to win an award. Jo Bailey with DC Everest High School was also a recipient.

Natalie Sopyla

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