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Wisconsin receives low grade on infrastructure

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(WAOW) -- The American Association of Civil Engineers (ASCE)  Wisconsin section recently released a report card of Wisconsin infrastructure and gave the state an overall grade of C and a D plus for roads specifically.

The ASCE says they feel that they have been left out of budgets in the past. If they, and the state infrastructure, don’t get a hand soon, they say it can lead to millions of dollars of needed repairs in coming years.

“We need water. We need energy as we’re seeing in Texas. We need to make sure that our systems are resilient to be able to recover from disasters,” ASCE Fellow Martin Hanson said.

Though Governor Tony Evers has designated funds toward improving the infrastructure, Hanson believes there are more efficient ways to raise the money. 

“We’re concerned about how much bonding, because that money goes to just pay interest costs. It doesn’t build any facilities. It doesn’t improve any bridges or improve safety in the system," Hanson said.

With a grade of D plus, experts say certain roads could be difficult for drivers.

“If we don’t continue our investment with that and don’t have enough funds to rebuild those lower grade roads, the drivers end up having to drive through those poor quality roads every day,” Marathon County Project Superintendent Kevin Lang said.

Lang also said part of the decision for increasing the roads’ letter grades is in the hands of the people.

"If as a society we feel our roads are in poor condition and we need them improved from what we’ve seen over the past five to 10 years then we need to look at some additional investments to bring those D roads up to the A," Lang said.

When roads are being worked on, Lang reminds drivers to take extra caution not just for their own safety but that of the crews.

“We ask that they slow down, take their time, and hang up their phone when driving,” Lang said. 

Brittany Slaughter

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