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Former News 9 coworkers reflect on Melissa Langbehn’s 30th work anniversary

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(WAOW) -- News 9 is celebrating 30 years of Melissa Langbehn on February 19, 2021. Many people wanted to join in on the celebration.

"My first job ever doing anything was working on the floor crew and I had the honor of running cameras for Melissa, running the prompter which is a little scary sometimes. Haha," said Katie Rosenberg, the Wausau Mayor and former News 9 employee.

"Hi Melissa! It's Andy Roesgen here. One of your ex-husbands from the 1990s. Remember that? Well, I guess I should say one of your ex-co-anchors from the 1990s. I hope whoever is sitting next to you now knows how great they've got it."

"30 years of Melissa. You impacting people. You making a difference on their lives and really encouraging them. I know I'll never forget you. I know I'll never forget the words of encouragement, how kind you were always to me, the way you motivated me, and just let me know it's all going to be ok in a really pressure-filled industry," said former News 9 Sports Director Lauren Magiera.

"Always a pleasure working with you and don't retire anytime soon because then I'll be the oldest person in the newsroom working here at Channel 9, so congratulations," said StormTrack 9 Chief Meteorologist Justin Loew.

"In this edition of "Does It Work?" Melissa Langbehn. I'm going to have to say yes. Ding? Meliss, I remember the day that you walked into the newsroom. I was a lowly intern but I quickly came to appreciate and value your knowledge, your experience, your insight, and most of all, your friendship," said former co-anchor Erik Mrotek.

"You have a tremendous gift to be able to tell peoples' stories and you have a gift of building many relationships not only with those families but with your coworkers and other people within this community," said former co-anchor Bryon Graff.

"Now I've worked with you about 22 years and I've calculated you and I have done about eight to ten thousand shows together," said StormTrack 9 meteorologist Tony Schumacher. "Besides your great work ethic and your friendliness, it's just been a pleasure working with you. You know, all the great conversations we've had off-air. During commercial breaks, I think we've solved all the worlds problems you and I."

"And I don't know if a lot of people know this, but if it wasn't for you Melissa starting Petsaver, we would never have all of our pets adopted from all the shelters that you interview. Thank you so much. Behind the scenes, you are the go-getter and you are the one that helped us put beautiful darling little dogs and cats into forever homes," said Dolores Glytas of the Humane Society of Portage County.

Courtney Terlecki

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